UP Department of Linguistics hosts PKSS 2016

Published on 04 August 2016

The Department of Linguistics of the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy, University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman held the Philippine Korean Studies Symposium (PKSS) 2016 in partnership with the Korean Studies Promotion Service of the Academy of Korean Studies.

For this fifth installment of PKSS, the Depatment organized the first ever Korean Studies Workshop for Academicians in the Philippines, which aimed to deepen the Filipino academicians’ awareness, understanding and knowledge of Korea, and ultimately help them develop Korean Studies curriculum and produce comparative research in their institution. The event was held on July 20-22, at Microtel, UP-Ayala Technohub, Quezon City. Four renowned scholars of Korean Studies were invited to present their respective papers at plenary sessions: Dr. Laurel Kendall of Columbia University (“Superstition, Culture, and Religion and the Things for which People Pray: Shamans and Popular Religion in South Korea”), Dr. Eun-gi Kim of Korea University (“The Construction of Multicultural Korea: Myth or Reality?”), Dr. Wayne Patterson of the University of Pennsylvania (Maritime Customs and China’s Indirect Imperialism in Korea in the 1880s”), and Dr. Seong-chul Shin of the University of New South Wales (“Researching the L2 Classroom and Application to Korean”).

Fourteen (14) participants were accepted to present their ongoing/prospective research on Korean studies along with their respective fields such as linguistics, political science, mass communication, sociology, business and management, and law and governance, among others. They were then grouped into four groups, each of which was mentored by the four invited academics. Also part of the programme was the providing of tips on publishing in scholarly journals and the presentation of the different journals published within and by UP Diliman: “Daluyan”, “Kasarinlan”, “Plaridel: A Philippine Journal of Communication, Media, and Society”, “Diliman Review”, “Asian Studies”, “Philippine Political Science Journal”, “Social Science Diliman”, and “Philippine Social Sciences Review”.

Since its first organization in 2012, the Department of Linguistics has been successful in organizing the PKSS. It has become a venue for Filipino scholars to acquire new knowledge on the Korean society, present their cutting-edge research, interact with renowned Korean Studies scholars from all over the world, and develop Korean programs in their respective institution.


The 23rd Inception Anniversary Fun Run

Join the 23rd UP Pahinungod Inception Anniversary Fun Run!

This event is open to the public. Pahinungod volunteers are particularly encouraged to join as this is an opportunity to meet again or share stories with fellow volunteers and/ or friends. ORDER your shirts now at the Ugnayan Ng Pahinungod Manila Office (526-6951) or OSLO-Pahinungod CSSP-Diliman (981-8500 loc. 2472). Or post your order at our facebook pages @PahinungodCSSP@pahinungod.manila. Each shirt (any size) costs P150.00.


KAPPahinungod: Unang Serye


KAPPahinungod, a volunteer activity initiated by the Office of Service-Learning, Outreach and Pahinungod (OSLO-Pahinungod), was held on July 8, 2016. KAPPahinungod is aimed at providing social services to the marginalized sectors of the society by engaging faculty, students, alumni, and non-teaching personnel of the CSSP or of the University of the Philippines Diliman through volunteer activities such as this one. It was attended by 18 community parents from the Ugnayan ng Mamamayan para sa Kaunlaran ng Payatas (UMAKAP), a peoples’ organization based in Brgy. Payatas, Quezon City.

Welcoming the participants was Dr. Jake Rom Cadag, coordinator of OSLO-Pahinungod, who also provided a rationale for the program. Faculty volunteers Dr. Vic Villan and Dr. Carlos Tatel, assisted by the members of the Junior Philippine Geographical Society (JPGS), conducted a study session on Kasaysayan. The session taught them how to evaluate events in the past and which to consider historical based on their significance and relevance. It was aimed at bringing to the consciousness of the participants that the study of Kasaysayan is more than memorization of facts. It is about understanding the significance (saysay) of these events to our present time, which understanding could shape our future as a nation. It is hoped that the participants would now be able to motivate their young children to appreciate the field of Kasaysayan. It is also hoped that after the study session, the participants would become more confident—and critical—in teaching their own children, or tutoring school children in the community. The session also gave the participants the opportunity to become knowledgeable and equipped with basic teaching methods. Closing the activity, Dr. Grace Aguiling-Dalisay, Dean of CSSP, conveyed a short motivational talk, and encouraged the participants to share their knowledge with the other community members of Brgy. Payatas. A group photo was done to formally close the activity, afterwhich the group was invited to a tour around the Palma Hall where Dr. Tatel, together with JPGS, discussed with them the significance of the murals, floor designs, markers, AS steps, among other important landmarks of Palma Hall. UMAKAP community parents left UP Diliman at 11:30 AM.


  Dr. Villan giving a workshop-lecture on Kasaysayan                       

A group picture of the participants with the facilitators and Dean Grace Aguiling-Dalisay (center)

Dr. Tatel, assisted by JPGS volunteers, explaining the mural and landmarks inside Palma Hall



CSSP holds annual faculty conference

Eighty-six (86) members of the faculty of the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy (CSSP) - University of the Philippines Diliman (UPD) gathered during the Faculty Planning Conference held on 10-12 June 2016, in Baguio City. With the theme, “KKK: Kumperensya ng Kaguruan tungkol sa K-12,” the conference aimed to lay out concrete plans of action at the College and Department levels in the coming academic years when the peak of the K-12 program will be felt in the different aspects of University operations.

The three-day conference commenced with the welcome remarks of Dean Grace H. Aguiling-Dalisay. In her speech, she looked back on the past faculty conference, where the CSSP Vision 2020 was formed and strategies in attaining the goals were devised. This year’s conference served to address pressing national issues that concern the implementation of the K-12 program and how the College would respond to the transition years when UPD would accept Senior High School graduates for the first time.

The first plenary titled, “Present Scenario,” immediately followed after Dean Aguiling-Dalisay’s welcom remarks. This involved a presentation on CHED K-12 Transition Program and DepEd qualification standards for academic and core subject teachers delivered by Associate Dean for Research and Publications Dr. Josefina Natividad and a panel discussion focusing on the CSSP involvement in the K-12. The panel was composed of Department of Sociology Chair Dr. Manuel Victor Sapitula, Dr. Ma. Ela Atienza of the Department of Political Science, and former Deans of CSSP Dr. Zosimo Lee and Dr. Elizabeth Ventura.

The second plenary tackled student admissions, course demand and teaching load. This included a short presentation of data from the Departments regarding the prospective number of enrollees, students to be admitted, courses to be offered, and activities of the faculty such as research, teaching, and extension service.

The first and second workshops focusing on Department plans and College plans, respectively, in light of the upcoming transition years were also conducted. All sessions and workshops proceeded to an open forum where the delegates gave suggestions and comments, and posed clarificatory questions regarding the presentations.

Over the past years, the CSSP has regularly conducted annual faculty conferences to discuss issues that concern the College as well as provide a suitable venue for interaction and possible collaboration for the members of the faculty. Last year’s faculty conference was held in Clark, Pampanga, with the theme, “Pasundayag Tungo sa Haraya 2020.”





On Being Well: Opening Up My Unique Potential

The UP Department of Psychology and Office of Service-Learning and Outreach-Pahinungod (OSLO-Pahinungod) in collaboration with The CSSP-Wellness Center, UPDDP Wellness Committee, and the UPD-Office of Counseling and Guidance conducted a workshop entitled “On Being Well: Opening Up My Unique Potential.” This workshop was held on May 16, 2016 and was facilitated by Dr. Les Spencer, an Australian psychotherapist with a doctoral degree in clinical psychology from James Cook University.  Dr. Spencer is known for his ability to weave into his practice of therapy insights from research and travels, exploring healing ways of SE Asia Australasia Oceania and observing Indigenous Psychologies in Action. More specifically, the workshop sets up capacities for:

  1. Opening up our unique potential
  2. Enhancing sensory acuity in engaging with others
  3. Developing heightened sensory perception
  4. Experiencing heightened wellbeing
  5. Having good work and social life balance
  6. Acquiring tools on self-care and caring for others
  7. Appreciating personal thriving as a means to satisfying and successful relationships/work engagements
  8. Being a Superb Role-Model  on Self Care for myself and peers

Dr. Grace Aguiling-Dalisay, Dean of CSSP, welcomed the participants of the workshop and talked about the importance of ensuring our wellbeing for us to be able to perform our roles as public servants and volunteers. With Twenty-six (26) people attending, Dr. Spencer discussed, in a whole-day workshop, how to become a channel of a happier and healthier community by being first the happy and healthy “you.” Through various activities on self-awareness, participants were taught to connect with themselves—with their body and mind—with a view of actualizing their potentials. Various tools were also introduced on how we can help ourselves while helping others as well. The workshop hopes to have developed among the participants a positive outlook on seeing themselves and seeing others. Many stories based on actual experiences of the lecturer were also shared by Dr. Spencer. Some of the faculty members and staff of the Department of Psychology and  OSLO-Pahinungod including Dr. Violeta Bautista, Dr. Lynna-Marie Sycip, Dr. Anna Daisy Carlota, Ms. Divine Love Salvador, Dr. Jake Rom Cadag and Mr. Vonn Golfo assisted Dr. Spencer in the conduct of the whole-day workshop.


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