The workshop, which runs from October 9-20, 2017, aims to provide researchers with the fundamentals of integrating immerging new technologies such as CAPI operations and CSPro software in their data-gathering processes. CAPI, which focuses on the utilization of handheld electronic devices (ex. Smartphones, tablets) in the data entry and data gathering process, is envisioned to go hand-in-hand with CSPro software programing in increasing efficiency and quality of data collection.

Participants of the workshop include both local and international representatives from research agencies and institutions. Such institutions include the Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM), General Statistics Office of Vietnam, Office of the Registrar General of India, Laos Statistics Bureau, US Census Bureau, and local-based organizations such as the Demographic Research and Development Foundation Incorporated, Asian Development Bank, Research Institute for Mindanao Culture, Scalabrini Migration Center, USC-Office of Population Studies Foundation Incorporated and the UP Population Institute.