The students are at the core of the mission and vision of the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy (CSSP). Knowing what their future roles would be in the fields of the social sciences and philosophy is at the forefront of the CSSP goals and objectives.

The college has continually created an environment for the students towards the development of their critical and progressive minds that will help the country in nation-building.

The CSSP students are active and driven in developing projects and activities that help promote and strengthen their respective disciplines in the social sciences and philosophy while at the same time aid foster social awareness and leadership.

The students belong to various academic students organizations that serve as venue for their creative growth and nurture those who have turned CSSP as their second home in UP.

The college has already underlined its efforts in making students welfare programs as one of its main objectives. The students have, for their part, also served as partners of the CSSP officials and staff in making the college activities possible and successful.



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